The Common Grant Application (CGA) Form was developed to facilitate the application process for grantmakers and grantseekers. A companion CGA User Guide is available on the Gateway Center for Giving website (

To the Grantmaker: If you are interested in using the CGA for your foundation's grant application, please feel free to download this template, modify it to suit your needs, and host it on your organization's website. You may wish to insert instructions about word or character limits. Please contact to let us know that you will be using a version of the CGA so that we can share important updates in the future.

To the Grantseeker: Grantmakers who accept the CGA will host this form on their respective websites; some grantmakers may have modified versions of the CGA. Please keep in mind that every grantmaker has different guidelines and priorities, as well as different deadlines and timetables. Any funder that has agreed to accept this form may request additional information at any stage in the proposal process.

Click here for a list of grantmakers in the St. Louis region who accept a version of the CGA. Visit their respective websites to learn more.


  • Applicants should perform their own research to determine the foundations and corporations that make grants to your type of organization, in the geographic area in which you function, and for your field of interest.
  • Visit the grantmaker's website to obtain a copy of funding guidelines from each individual grantmaker for each application you plan to submit. Each grantmaker has different guidelines for using this form and requires different attachments. Determine how the application should be submitted and the number of copies required.
  • Do not submit handwritten proposals.
  • Answer all the questions unless otherwise instructed by the grantmaker.
  • Do not include any materials other than those specifically requested.
  • Check with the individual grantmaker to find out how they would like this form to be submitted.

Access the CGA User Guide for the following information:

  • Background on the Common Grant Application
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Proposal Writing Tips
  • Guide to each question asked in this application, including examples on how to best answer each question


  • Missouri Common Grant Application Orientations, presented by the Gateway Center for Giving and Network for Strong Communities (NSC) (scheduled periodically throughout the year)
  • The Grants and Foundation Center at the St. Louis Public Library Central Branch
    • Foundation Center resources can also be accessed at the Kirkwood Public Library and the St. Charles Public Library
  • Foundation Center Guide to Proposal Writing