We believe children are our legacy. Neil Postman, an American author and educator, wrote, “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” We support high quality education for middle school and beyond for untapped students in St. Louis county and city to help break the cycle of poverty which ultimately results in improved health and well-being of our community. When we open doors to a quality education for all, we ensure that everyone can participate in education that equips them to meet the demands of a rapidly changing labor market, engage more fully in their communities, and live meaningful and productive lives.

The heart and soul of our education initiative is a Graduate Support Program which provides students with the support needed to transition to and persist in their next level of education. This is done by ensuring that their academic, social, financial, and emotional needs are met, including wrap around services to address barriers. Graduate Support maintains contact with alumnae in an effort to keep them on a successful path to graduate from high school and college and helps to limit external factors that may impede their ability to graduate. The Graduate Support Program provides alumnae with all the necessary preparations needed to become accomplished leaders in their careers and communities.

In 2023, Boniface Foundation created The Boniface Scholars Fund to award scholarships to high school seniors who graduated from one of the middle schools in the Boniface Collaborative. These recipients must have participated in the Graduate Support program during high school and still be in good standing with the program.


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