Behavioral Health

Through collaboration and shared contribution of resources, we are focused on helping those with mental and behavioral illnesses.

Boniface Foundation supports organizations in their ongoing mission to help people recover their lives from drug and alcohol addiction by advocating a recovery with a responsibility program that empowers clients to take control of their treatment and recovery process. We also support organizations providing intervention/treatment services for children and families impacted by abuse, neglect and emotional and behavioral issues, as well as suicide prevention programs and counseling within area middle schools and high schools.

In 2023, Boniface initiated and funded a Veterans Collaboration with a common mission – to enhance the lives of veterans by addressing their unique mental health needs and fostering their overall well-being. It is our belief that collaboration among organizations with similar objectives is essential to maximizing the positive impact we can have on the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to serving our nation. The members of this collaborative are Dogs For Our Brave, Joshua Chamberlain Society, Focus Marines, Veterans Community Project, and Harris House. Through strategic collaboration, we aim to enhance the quality and scope of services provided, ensuring our veterans receive the support they need in a holistic and impactful manner.


CHADS Coalition
Dogs for Our Brave
Duo Dogs
Focus Marines Foundation
Harris House
Joshua Chamberlain Society
Mercy Hospital South
Our Little Haven
St. Louis Counseling
St. Louis University
Veterans Community Project